Thursday, October 22, 2009

Kitchen Sink Develops Stunning Futuristic Video For Austin Planetarium

We just got done with a pretty cool project we wanted to share with you.

Davis Architects ( hired our team to tell their story for the new Austin Planetarium in Austin, Texas. The $50 million facility is currently in a capital raise campaign, and the Davis team was looking for a compelling way to help people visualize what the Planetarium will look like upon completion.

Rather then generate multiple computer animation videos, we decided to create a futuristic interface to relay the design in a more dynamic manner — putting the viewer in the shoes of the designer, looking at the project on the computer screen of the future.

Using simple green screen methods and a custom interface and audio, the final solution provides a one-of-a-kind presentation that will be used for fund raising and community awareness for the new facility.

To view the film in its entirety, click the video below. You can also check out this PDF to see some still photos of how the project came together.


Leanne said...

Very cool guys!

Ginger said...


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