Monday, December 6, 2010

Featured Project: Linthicum Living

This week's Featured Project is the branding and business system Kitchen Sink Studios, Inc. created for Linthicum Living, Inc. Linthicum Living, Inc. provides those looking for an immediate primary or secondary residence with a home designed by a nationally recognized, independent design team and built by a true custom home builder, Linthicum Custom Builders.

Linthicum wanted to create a brand and business system that would truly set them apart from other companies in the industry while conveying the kind of attention to detail and quality they take pride in as a company. Their custom homes are superior products, and they wanted to convey that through a superior brand.

The Kitchen Sink creative team focused on the fact that each Linthicum project is unique, and wanted to convey that somehow in the brand and business system. The way we ended up doing that was through the use of high-quality photography to create literally 20 different versions of their business card and letterhead.

While each card and letterhead has uniform branding and type treatments, the photography is varied so that the company can visually reinforce just how different its projects are from location to location. The cards and letterhead are accompanied by a containment folder that complements the unique look and feel of the brand.

It was an opportunity for the Kitchen Sink team to take a different approach to the traditional business system and help brand the client in a truly memorable way.