Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Enjoying the brilliance of a truly horrible logo and jingle

Here at Kitchen Sink Studios, we're always looking out for the latest trends and groundbreaking work in the design and marketing industries. It's what we do. We want to be sure that we are on the cutting edge of technology and innovation when it comes to telling our client's stories in a compelling manner. 

That's why we couldn't resist when we came across the web site The site's mission statement is "Drawing Bad Logos Since 2010." For a mere $5, you can submit to them your company's name and some background information, and they will produce for you a truly horrible logo. The proceeds from the logo design, according to the site, go to "buy myself a beer at the local watering hole." Graphically represented, it looks something like this:

As you might imagine, we were intrigued. So we actually went ahead and plopped down $20 for their deluxe package, which includes not only a high-resolution version of our horrible logo but a horrible jingle for the company as well

Sure enough, about 24 hours later, we received Kitchen Sink Studios' very own horrible logo:

Here were the internal reviews:

"'s awful. Looks like a cat's (censored). I hope the jingle is just as bad!"

"It's awesome!" 

“That logo is quite possibly the worst logo I’ve ever seen. How much did we spend, $5? My two year old could do better...with his eyes closed. Yet somehow, it’s growing on me. Now that I think about it, perhaps this guy is a genius like no other.”

So we awaited the arrival of our jingle with baited breath, and three days later, we were rewarded with the following interpretation of what Kitchen Sink Studios is all about (video added by our team):

We've always wanted our own theme music.

So look for our new identity and jingle in our future correspondence...we're furiously grinding away at potential uses for this truly horrible — yet somehow brilliant — representation of our beloved company.