Monday, March 14, 2011

Featured Project: W Hotel Video/Animation for DAVIS Architects

This week's Featured Project is an innovative marriage of video and animation created by the Kitchen Sink Studios, Inc. team for DAVIS Architects.

The animation depicts DAVIS' concept for a W Hotel in downtown Phoenix next to US Airways Center. While the project has been put on hold, the design was so bold and innovative that DAVIS wanted to show what kind of dramatic effect it might have on the Phoenix skyline should construction resume at some point in the future. 

Kitchen Sink's creative team wanted to show a glimpse inside of the minds of the DAVIS team, so we actually filmed them as they "designed" the building from the ground up on tablet computers, making it literally rise into the air with each stroke of their fingertips. 

The video then shows the dramatic design elements, including some striking balcony features and an exterior design with sharp and dramatic edges that make it a true visual attraction in the context of the existing Phoenix skyline. The video also uses time-lapse photography, combined with the animation, to show the kind of energy, foot traffic and life it would bring to the downtown area.

One of the goals was to show that DAVIS can design anywhere and everywhere. So, although the video and design is actually set in downtown Phoenix, our team wanted to create something that translates to any large, cosmopolitan urban setting. 

You can view the video above or on our YouTube page

The creative minds at DAVIS developed a truly exceptional concept for the W Hotel, and the Kitchen Sink Studios team greatly enjoyed bringing it to life with a combination of video, animation and time-lapse photography.