Thursday, May 5, 2011

Getting our hands dirty with hand-rolled Kitchen Sink promo pieces

This is the sort of thing that happens around here when someone says "Hey, we should put together something that we can hand out at First Fridays":

Our team loves all things retro, so when it came time to develop a cheap, easy promotional piece for the studio, KSS designers Doug Bell, Mike Giles and Justin Tucker came up with the idea of doing hand-rolled printing. 

For the design addicts out there, Mike provides the following summary of the process:

We began with an original three-color design, in the vein of the bottlecap typography across our front gate. After converting the art into separate plates, Airpark Signs was kind enough to donate their time, and laser-cut three linoleum blocks for us.

We used custom mixes of Gamblin etching ink to achieve our desired colors, then ran the plates and paper through our hand-turned press one color at a time – blue, red and black.

For our next run, we're thinking about trying actual wood plates. We're curious about the different textures and impressions that would yield.

Keep an eye out, we'll be cranking out more designs in the coming months.

Come check out the team's handiwork tomorrow night at First Friday! We'll be hosting artist Monica Robles, screening an outdoor movie and challenging all comers to jumbo Jenga!


Todd McQueen said...

Awesome stuff, my friends. I would LOVE to collaborate on a few of those with yous. So cool.

Jason said...

Nice job fellas. Way to get your hands dirty.

the account of the first nobody said...

That's real nice. It looks like a little show card press? Was it difficult to register?

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