Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Introducing the new Kitchen Sink Studios web site!

When a company that specializes in creating exceptional web sites decides to redo its own site, it had better do it right. So when the Kitchen Sink Studios team decided it was time for a new web presence at, we set the bar high for ourselves.

Our previous site, which launched in early 2008, was an award-winning, 100 percent Flash site. But more and more, our clients are concerned about making sure their web sites are making the most of search engine optimization and can be viewed on all sorts of browsers and mobile devices.

So, we felt it was time to develop a new site that addresses both those concerns. But how would we go about creating the same kind of unique, creative approach that the use of Flash would allow? That was the big question as we started the project, and Creative Director Doug Bell jumped right in with a design that borders on being a work of art.

The answers to the technical issues were a combination of current programming techniques and creative thinking from the big brain of our web guru, Justin Tucker. The new site uses HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery technologies, which allow for the best search engine optimization as well as the ability to view it on all kinds of devices. Highly optimized CSS, streamlined navigation and heavy use of web fonts were just some of many approaches that went into the new site.

The Work section was a particular area of focus. We wanted to visually convey the sort of variety and quality that goes into each Kitchen Sink project. So designers Mike Giles and Sarah Thomas took samples of our work to locations all over downtown — on some of the hottest days of the year — to shoot new photography. The vast majority of the photos in the gallery were taken on an iPhone 4.

We had a few glitches to work out this afternoon, of course. The site will be a work in progress, and we'll be ironing out little things, adding to it and refining it as time goes along. We'll get the word out when if and when we make any significant improvements and modifications.

We're all very proud of the result. Again, you can check it out at We hope you enjoy it and have a little fun with it, and feel free to leave your comments about the site below.


Angela Carder said...

Your site is gorgeous! Great work.