Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Daniel Shepherd talks about exhibiting on First Friday

Daniel Shepherd, who exhibited his artwork on First Friday in January, wrote a description of his experience that we thought we would share:

Looking back upon a First Friday. I first think of the people that come into the space, in this case the Kitchen Sink Studios. Lots of them. Most of them i’d never seen before in my life. Young ones, old ones, happy ones, smiley ones, crazy ones. People dressed in black that act really grumpy and folks that just come in looking for free cheese. 

You never know who might walk into the space to see your paintings and that’s the funny thing too. People never know what they are going to see when they go out for an evening of “ART” so I guess it’s a fair exchange. They just want to look at something, you just want to show them something. Even Steven.

For me, this last First Friday, the first of the new year was no different then most of the others i’ve involved myself with. Lots of people looking. Looking looking looking. It’s expected. You want people to come. That’s the point right?

Some of them want to talk to the Artist. Others want to talk about themselves. That happens more often than you might think. I don’t know exactly what to make of it. Even more wander in, look around, look around again. Get really close to the work, silently pour a glass of water or wine and drift into the night sky without a word. In all honestly those are the people I like best.

By and large the majority of folks that show up to see my work have always been positive and friendly. I get a small group of my collectors to my shows that come to see what new work I’ve done, or just to say hello.

As the Artist with the show you are pulled in a lot of directions all the time as people come and go. I always feel like I’m not spending enough time with any one person, as so many people are asking for your attention.

Folks often want to talk about my technique, the feeling, the color, their own art collection, what inspired me to do the work and many ask questions of a personal nature. People really seem to like to name drop too. I’ve noticed lots of that goes on. Most of the time I don’t know who they are talking about. I live a very insular life. I like it like that.

It happens fast. The night is over before you know it. There’s a later crowd that comes in, mainly the younger kids that are “makin’ the scene.”

I think people look forward to First Friday every month here no matter why they go, and that’s a good thing. The sense of community that it brings, even if they don’t think about it, it’s part of the experience. Being out there with the thousands that come over and over again adds to the success of, and is so important to our downtown world.

The fact that spaces like Kitchen Sink Studios open their doors to local artist to display their work is a great thing. Iapplaud them for doing this.

I’m glad it happens.