Thursday, April 19, 2012

Making A Bike Rack, 101

Inspired by my friend Dorina Bustamante, and in response to the inaugural Pedal Craft Event coming up this Friday, April 20th (, I decided to jump into things and design/ build a bike rack to celebrate the event. For those interested, here's how I did it:

Step #1
First, I sketched out a concept and generated a 3D model (thanks Mr. Kory Kapfer!). I understood I would need some intricate cutting of the metal and figured water-jetting the top plate would be the best bet.
Step #2
Next, I sent the electronic file (can be an Illustrator file, EPS, DXF, etc) to a company called Innovative Cutting Solutions ( or 623-842-1255) to cut-out the top bike design. Cost = $50

Step #3
I was able to talk Dave Terral at Saguaro Steel Industries, LLC ( into giving me some scrap tube steel and then he made some tack welds for the bike plate and help cut all the pieces.

Step #4
Edge Industries ( hosted a How-To-Weld-Your-Bike rack event this past Saturday where Fisher (son, age 6) and I learned how to weld all the parts together using a tack-welder machine. Thanks Billy and Aaron (!

Step #5
I coated the finished rack with a metal patina so it won't totally rust and maintains a dark steel color. The final step will be securing the finished rack into the ground with a bag of concrete. Please come see my bike rack, along with all the others, this Friday (6PM to ?) at Kitchen Sink Studios, 828 North 3rd Street. You might even be able to win the bike in this photo (custom designed by Adam Mayo!).


Kevin said...

Fantastic. Love the design!

I could see this working as a high-top table... park your bike and have a pint with a friend.

Congrats on the nice work.

virginia Green said...

Elegant, fun and functional. Now, THAT's great design!

Anonymous said...

You're gonna want to lock more than just the front rim. If a thief loosens 2 nuts he will own the rest of the bike and leave the front wheel behind.

Bike Locks said...

The final step will be securing the finished rack into the ground with a bag of concrete.