Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Check out our newest toy: A RED Digital Still & Motion Camera

The Kitchen Sink Studios team has picked up a new toy. Well, it's actually much more than just a toy.

This is a RED Camera. If you know what a RED Camera is, you're probably going "Oh, cool, a RED Camera!" If you don't know what a RED Camera is, here's a brief description, and why it's going to be a huge addition for us in upcoming projects.

A RED Camera is a high-definition camera that allows us to record video footage at an incredible quality. Think of it this way: A really nice HD camera records video at 1920 pixels wide, which is about the equivalent of a high-resolution photo about six inches wide.

The RED Camera records video at 5,000 pixels wide — about the equivalent of a high-resolution photo that is 17 inches wide. So for the first time, you can essentially record high-quality video AND still shots at the same time.

Not only that, it records everything in a proprietary REDCODE raw video format that is also of higher quality than average HD footage, allowing for an incredible amount of quality and flexibility in the post-production process.

The camera also comes with all kinds of bells, whistles and attachments that make it extremely versatile, and those parts are interchangeable — so this one camera can perform the functions it might take several other cameras combined to perform.

The RED Camera is the same camera and technology being used to shoot films like The Great Gatsby, The Hobbit, The Amazing Spiderman and Pirates of the Caribbean as well as TV shows such as "Hatfields & McCoys," "Criminal Minds" and "Blue Bloods." It is also being used by photographers for everything from fashion to sports.

What will the Kitchen Sink team use it for? All kinds of stuff. We'll be better able to integrate high-definition live video into projects of all kinds, whether they are mixtures of video and photorealistic animation, the creation of virtual experiences and environments online, or just about anything else you can think of. We're taking it out into the field next week for our first major project with it, and we'll keep you posted on the results.


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