Monday, February 25, 2013

Featured Project: Everything but the Kitchen Sink for Two High-Rise Campus Living Projects

One of the strongest sectors in the real estate market right now is campus housing, and no one is doing it better than Chicago-based Campus Acquisitions. And over the past few months, they entrusted Kitchen Sink Studios to create a full leasing and marketing package for their properties in Tucson and College Station, Texas that included...just about everything but the kitchen sink.

We started each project with architectural plans for the 15-story buildings. And that's it. Kitchen Sink was charged with helping to name the properties, creation of brand identity, development of computer animations, production of illustrative marketing videos, design of print collateral and development of mobile-friendly web sites for each of the two under-construction projects. 

First came the names, and we took into consideration the fact that the University of Arizona and Texas A&M environments are VERY different. For Tucson, the name had to reflect sort of an urban-aspirational feel to attract the kind of students who would want to live in the finest student housing in the area. And for College Station, we had to weigh a similar demographic while taking into consideration the "Texas" feel of College Station and the property's location in the town's Northgate district. 

For Tucson, the name "Level" was selected, and for College Station, the project was named "Rise at Northgate." The brand identities soon followed. 

While the branding process was taking place, the studio's 3D team set about bringing the properties to life through stunning renderings that would convey the scope and quality of each property. 

We then worked to develop collateral and leasing materials for the properties that featured the new brand identity as well as the animations, mixed in with lifestyle photography that helped create a vision that students and their parents could relate to. 

And, we translated all the work done on branding, identity and imagery into mobile-friendly web sites (here are links to Level and to Rise at Northgate) that include interactive floor plans and videos that show students what each project will be like once completed. 

We'll be working with Campus Acquisitions on several other projects across the United States with a similar scope of work. Our team always enjoys the opportunity to start from scratch on a project and create something that brings a vision to life, and these projects were no exception.