Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Featured Project: Recreation of Fatal Automobile Accident

Kitchen Sink Studios, Inc.'s featured project of the week is a photo-realistic re-enactment of a tragic, fatal automobile crash the studio created for Pat McGroder, a plaintiff's personal injury attorney with Gallagher and Kennedy in Phoenix.

Because of the terms of the settlement, we're withholding some of the specifics, but the crash took place when the victim was making a left-hand turn on a major street. The victim, looking at oncoming traffic, believed he had plenty of time to make the turn, assuming that the oncoming cars he saw were going approximately the speed limit.

However, the two oncoming cars were actually drag racing, and were traveling more than 30 miles per hour above the speed limit. They closed the distance much faster than the victim anticipated, leading to the horrific and fatal crash that took place.

You can view the entire re-enactment on YouTubeUsing police reports, expert witness accounts and simple math formulas (V=D/T), we were able to re-create and depict the accident from multiple vantage points, as well as various speeds— creating a "what if" scenario for the viewer. The case settled in favor of our client.

At Kitchen Sink Studios, we take great pride in being able to bring anything visual to life, and legal re-enactments have become a significant part of our client work because they not only allow the legal system to work properly, they allow the families of victims to understand what happened in tragic circumstances.


Alecia said...

This simulation clip can definitely help settle the case. The crash is a terrifying sight. It's practically a nightmare for the victim and the suspects themselves. How's the case now, BTW?

[Alecia Longsworth]