Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Featured Project: Linthicum Web Site

This week's Featured Project is an HTLM/jQuery web site developed by the Kitchen Sink Studios, Inc. team for Linthicum Corp. Linthicum is the premier builder of high-quality custom residential, commercial and golf properties in the western United States. Kitchen Sink had developed an all-Flash site for the company about seven years ago, but recommended that they redo the site so that it would work on all browsers and mobile devices. Our team also developed Linthicum's unique branding approach, which prominently features their project photography.

The challenge of the site was to feature the stunning photography available of the many beautiful Linthicum projects in a way that worked on any computer or device, while incorporating an elegant design that reflects the company's commitment to quality. The Kitchen Sink team relied on jQuery to create visually captivating slide shows of Linthicum's completed projects, ranging from exceptional residential properties to beautiful commercial and golf course developments. 

The Kitchen Sink team also created a unique approach to highlighting Linthicum's numerous articles and press coverage, highlighting the artwork and photography from each publication in a gallery setting that provides easy access to any given feature. 

The completed site has a clean, contemporary design that makes the most of the photography of Linthicum's projects while conveying key information about what makes Linthicum such an exceptional builder. And, it presents beautifully on almost any computer, tablet or smart phone. Try it on the new iPad 2, for example (I did)!