Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Featured Product: Genius Blends

Our latest featured project is our work for a company called Genius Blends, which is developing a vending machine that dispenses delicious, nutritious fruit “smoothies” and other similar drinks.

Genius Blends approached Kitchen Sink Studios with the task of improving upon their initial machine concept. Our job was to develop a more creative and aesthetically pleasing model and produce a polished package for potential investors to view. Kitchen Sink Studios refined the illustrations to make the product look more attractive to potential customers and emphasizing the delicious flavors that the machine will dispense. We illustrated the concept by creating 3D product renderings and producing a video animation short based on only the preliminary product illustrations from Genius Blends.

The images below show the process in taking Genius Blends’ early models and crafting a more creative and appealing look:

Original Genius Blends Renderings:

First Phase Investor Package Result:

Video Animation:

The entire process of working with a client and evolving their brand, product, or service in a successful and creative way is extremely rewarding.  Kitchen Sink Studios is excited for the future of Genius Blends and the potential of this incredible machine.  We are confident that everyone will be seeing their product popping up in every gym, convenience store, or general public setting soon!