Monday, December 12, 2011

Featured Project: Santa Monica Place Video & Leasing Presentation

Back in 2008, Macerich, one of the largest owners of retail centers in the country, came to Kitchen Sink to ask for our help in rebranding Santa Monica Place. With our help, the property has been remodeled and rebranded into one of the finest retail projects in the western United States and a true destination in downtown Santa Monica. 

A few months ago, Macerich came back to us to ask for our help in creating a B2B leasing package that truly reflects the unique qualities of Santa Monica Place as a high-end shopping and dining destination.  Santa Monica Place features custom-designed department stores, a collection of A-list retail names, and several chef-driven restaurants located on a rooftop dining deck overlooking the city, mountains and the Pacific.

Our mission was to create a video that brightly describes the location, amenities, competitive advantages, and surrounding demographics for Santa Monica Place. (It's posted above, or you can view it in HD on our Vimeo page). We went about this by creating a customized and highly stylized video presentation that includes four vignettes, each telling a key part of the Santa Monica Place story. We also completed a custom presentation that can be used on a standard screen or on iPad that contains additional information on the project. 

The finished product shows why Santa Monica Place is laid-back luxury at its best and illustrates the appeal to both savvy locals and style-seeking visitors. It depicts the store fronts, restaurants and the location itself that makes Santa Monica Place sunny, airy, beautiful and hip.  

Our goal was to create a presentation that will entice the finest of potential retailers and/or restaurateurs to the inviting atmosphere and appeal Santa Monica Place offers. And from what we're hearing so far from the Macerich team, mission accomplished.