Friday, January 13, 2012

Featured Project: LoopLogic Branding, Identity & Video

When you’ve built a better mousetrap, how do you tell people about it? That was the challenge presented to the Kitchen Sink Studios team by a company called LoopLogic.

LoopLogic (currently branded as NextSlide) is on online tool that lets customers use virtually any type of media to share information with an audience. It also integrates the customer’s existing e-mail, sales, marketing and other business applications with the media, and provides robust tracking of the audience’s views and interaction. It’s truly a groundbreaking product that has significant competitive advantages.

The challenge presented by LoopLogic was to create a new brand identity that would help it stand out in a highly competitive industry dominated by large companies, as well as to create a tool to easily explain why LoopLogic is the best solution for the customer’s needs.

The Kitchen Sink team developed a brand identity and logo that’s clean, memorable and has a distinctive “tech” feel, then translated that brand identity into a two-minute video telling the product’s story. The vector video involved extensive storyboarding and finding creative solutions to transitioning from topic to topic. You can view a low-res version below or a high-res version on our Vimeo page.

The end result is a concise, memorable overview of LoopLogic and its unique advantages, and provides them with the tools they need to make a dramatic impact in the marketplace. It’s also a great example of our team’s ability to create a truly unique solution to each challenge we’re presented with.

Keep your eye out for LoopLogic. They’ll be rolling out their new brand over the next few weeks. And feel free to check them out if you need to present information online!


dylan said...

I'm in love with this branding and the whole color scheme. Fantastic job!