Tuesday, January 3, 2012

First Friday at Kitchen Sink Studios, Featuring the Art of Daniel Shepard

Happy New Year from Kitchen Sink Studios! We're ringing in the first First Friday of 2012 this upcoming Friday, January 6. We'll be featuring artist Daniel Shepard in our gallery space — here is Daniel's description of the exhibit (lowercase punctuation included):

the work i've done for the kitchen sink studios show took on a life almost of its own. my first series of new paintings in almost eight months, i have been working in the area of mixed media and collage, this new series was approached in a process i refer to as "elegant erosion" where equal parts and attention are given to, not just the application of paint to the canvas, but as much attention to the removal of layers of paint from the canvas. elegant in the end result being beautiful and minimal on purpose.

all the work has two sections, where paint has been applied and removed numerous times, forming a balance without being of equal parts. although each piece was finished in bright colors, all were started from a solid black abyss. wanting to work backwards, i brought out the depth and layers of color as i went along.

as always, with abstracts, the hard part is knowing when to stop the process altogether. at times i would set a piece aside for a day, or look at another for hours, deciding if i was finished. with all of my abstractions, i stop when i reach a personal satisfaction in the level of beauty i have committed to each canvas.

this work, "applications," is nestled into my artistic life as an extension and creative expansion on my earlier work in the field of abstract painting, both in process and growth. i enjoyed doing this work and am thankful to kitchen sink studios for the opportunity to show these paintings to you.

daniel shepherd

Local singer/songwriter Elizabeth McGovern will also be performing in front of the studio. Elizabeth now has a new Facebook page that is featuring a video of her recent performance at the Brophy Fine Arts Extravaganza. Check it out and be sure to come see her perform live on Friday night!

And, we will be giving tours throughout the evening and will have the Jumbo Jenga set up out front.  The gallery space will open at 6 and the rest of the festivities will kick off around 6:30 p.m. We are located at 828 North Third Street in downtown Phoenix, just south of Roosevelt Row. We hope to see you on Friday!