Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Featured Project: Online Virtual Tours for Universal Technical Institute

Kitchen Sink Studios, Inc. has completed and launched a spectacular new online marketing site for Universal Technical Institute that brings its campuses to life for potential students.

The first of the newly launched campus tours can be viewed at www.utivirtualtours.com. The site was built with HTML5 technology that allows it to be viewed on both desktop and mobile devices (including iPhones and iPads), and includes a combination of cutting-edge 360-degree videos, videos of UTI instructors and students, and interactive use of still photography to bring the campus’ incredible facilities to life for prospective students.

The recreations tie in the company’s brand with the specific features of UTI campuses across the country through robust and immersive visuals. Everything will be able to be tracked and tied into social media campaigns and other marketing efforts.

Josh Prior, Chief Marketing Office for UTI in Phoenix, said the school was looking for ways to showcase its facilities at its 13 campuses across the country, and the solutions offered by Kitchen Sink provide a unique and interactive way of demonstrating the company’s capabilities in educating students.

“We wanted to take the way we represented our campuses to a different level through the use of technology,” he said.

Kitchen Sink is working on creating similar online experiences for the other campuses across the country, further helping UTI’s recruiting efforts. The Avondale campus is live now and the Phoenix MMI facility will be up and running in the next few weeks.

Another component of the campaign will include an augmented reality feature that will show a 3D, interactive representation tied to printed campaign piece. The recreations are designed to attract potential students and solidify the company’s presence in the highly competitive technical education industry.

“This is a great example of how our studio can help our clients tell their story through memorable interactive online experiences,” said Nick Hower, Partner and Founder of Kitchen Sink Studios. “We have greatly enjoyed our relationship with UTI and are extremely proud of the unique virtual tours we’ve been able to create to help them reach out to their target audiences.

Look for more UTI virtual campus tours as we roll them out in the coming months!


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