Wednesday, January 30, 2013

"Coconino," A Film By Kitchen Sink Studios

"Coconino" is a short film by Kitchen Sink Studios. This film represents one man's exploration into his beloved craft. He travels from location to location in search of more than just fish — he is searching for an experience.

We wanted to create a project where we could flex our muscles when it comes to creating exceptional film projects, while documenting the passion that many of us in the studio share for the outdoors. "Coconino" features some of the killer new equipment and editing techniques we've brought in-house in the past few months, combined with some of the most beautiful settings in our home state of Arizona. It's our own little love letter to both our work and to nature.

The project was filmed with our RED Camera and a a Go Pro camera by Kitchen Sink's Brandon Barnard, Director of Video Production, along with Justin Zellars and Tim Stansell. Creative Director Doug Bell was the "star" of the film.

"I enjoyed the hunt," Barnard said. "When four guys come together with like minded expectations and goals, they forget about 'how hard the hikes are' or 'how tired they have become after shooting for 16 hours' and begin to come together as a team or collective.

"I learned that no matter how much effort, time, money and motivation is involved, it is damn tough to catch a fish."

A highlight — Justin's contribution was some of the best shots in the video, through the use of the Go Pro and a track. But it didn't always go smoothly. At least now we know that Doug Bell's face — as well as the Go Pro — can withstand some impact with each other.

It wasn't all fun and games. The Kitchen Sink team wanted to create something that truly showcases our ability on film, skill that can translate into such areas as documentary filmmaking, ecotourism, travel films and just generally creating captivating products for small and large screen.

We hope you enjoy it!


Justin McNeil said...

Good video work Brandon. Now get back to work!